Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good weekend. Anjafest and the Kitten Feeders.

On Thursday night I put the finishing touches on Mewzilla. I've recently been reunited with my projector, and I'm now using it to project Mewzilla's fur onto him. I also animate the popobe's nose so it becomes a glowing orb of power the the center of the one kitten's head. Then I work over everything again, shading the monster like I would do if I were drawing a critter digitally. In the end I'm pretty damn happy with the result. I spend the first part of Friday evening finishing off Microkitten, Mewzilla's sidekick. Then Anja and I head through to Pretoria to visit our dear friends Jean and Ashliegh. They're up for a wedding, free for one night only and as luck would have it this night happens to be the night before Anja's birthday. So after some awesome curry dinner we head through to Shivas and celebrate Anja's birthday in style. (Not really) Beyond the horror of the locals playing pool, I spend a good chunk of the night looking at a poster stuck up around the venue. This time next week The Make Overs will be launching their debut album. Andreas has drawn an poster for the night. On Saturday morning I rush through to 70 Juta to start setting up Mewzilla. This leads to a very frustrating 4 and half hours of trying to line-up my projector so his animated fur works the way it did in my studio. With the different projector set up this turns out to be impossible so I redraw everything. It's a pretty crappy way to be spending Anja's birhday, but by 2 I'm done and head through to Xia Xia to join her, Matt and Kim for lunch. Feels like there's no time to chill really before we need to rush back to 70 Juta to turn on my projector and prepare for the exhibition to open at 5. The work on the exhibition is fantastic. In their own respective ways each of the ten artists involved has done something really cool. Francie, Jason, Shannon, Dizzy and Patrick pull through. We hang out, time flies and it's time to head home.

Que Anja birthday celebration. On Sunday Anja and I spend the day chilling out with our new favourite show, Party Down. In the evening Tess and Henco return to Joburg. Que sushi eating. Que Tess and I finally being able to watch one of our favourite bands from our teenhood.

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