Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You are invited! Seacat attack!

Tomorrow night's gonna be a pretty awesome night to be living in Joburg!

First up loveable illustration upstarts, Says Who Studios, will be hosting an exhibition called "Land Lubbers". It'll be going down at the lovable little coffee shop/ cake sanctuary, Wolves, so rest assured it'll be a super lovable night.
A little later in the evening, "down the street" at the Victory Park Cool Runnings, we'll be bringing our next installment of post-math cinema-rock as Eyes Like Mirrors. We're performing as a part of an SPCA benefit show, so even if you hate us you should come through to support the kittens and puppies. The night will also feature a new band called "Tennyson Extended". It's possible they may really suck, but knowing the fine musical tastes of the parties involved I have pretty high expectations.

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