Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Days like Television: Sticky Antlers - Tupperware Tombstone

Woo! Here's the brand new video by Pretoria art rock heroes, Sticky Antlers!

Tupperware Tombstone is the title track from the band forthcoming album, which unless someone pulls a giant rabbit out of some secret hat, looks set to be my album of the year.

For their latest video, the animation obsessed The Antlers have surprising worked entirely in live action. What's awesome is they've brought their usually illustrated nightmares into the real world with the help of stick-on googley eyes and makeup. The result is pretty terrifying, a lot scarier than their old animated videos, which is interesting considering the music is, in some way, a lot more "pop than their older recordings. If you're feeling kinda freaked out after watching that, I hope this makes you feel better:

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