Friday, July 23, 2010

You are invited! Skate for Change launch

Tomorrow night I'll be rocking Pretoria's much loved Hotbox for the launch of a new charity called "Skate for Change". The night will also feature doggies Moe Joe, Isochronous and Black Pimpin Jesus plus Dead Alphabet and Cortina Whiplash. p.s. if anyone has any idea who drew this flyer; I wanna give them a high five. Seems to have nothing to do with skating but everything to do with Scott Pilgrim, which is a total win in my book.

Turns out that no one drew this flyer. Well someone did, his name is Bryan Lee O'Malley, but he didn't draw it for this party. The image DOES have nothing to do with skating and everything to do with Scott Pilgrim; it was drawn for the recent launch party of "Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour", the final comic in O'Malleys wonderful series. So that's now a total fail in my book now. No high five for you.

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