Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good weekend. Popskarr and The Blueberry Balsamics

On Thursday night Anja and I got dropped off at a station in Sandton. We took the Gautrain to the airport. It was pretty damn cool.

From the airport we took a plane to Cape Town. On the flight I read Grant Morrison's "We3" - a comic I've been wanting to get my paws on for ages. Anja has this "best of American comics" anthology. It's full of exerts from all the "best" comics of some year. In it there's this image of a cat dog and rabbit in power armour. Needless to say when I saw this for the first time i totally freaked out and was like - "I need this comic!!!" I ordered it a few weeks back and finally had it to read on the plane. It's a really fantastic little story and pretty incredibly told through some insane illustration. But it's sad. Super, super sad. By the time our plane landed I was massively depressed. Anja told me everything would be okay because the pets in my comic weren't real and in a while I'd be able to play with real animals. As usual Anja was totally right and, half an hour later, walking around with her awesome cat "Savage" in my arms I was feeling a whole bunch better.

On Friday we ran errands and ate pizza and read more comics about cute animals killing stuff. In the evening we went out for dinner to celebrate her dad's birthday. It was really cool, although I had to leave early for my set at Assembly. I couldn't be too sad about leaving dinner early considering I was heading through to play a set at one of my absolute favourite venues ever.

My set started out pretty slow. 9PM in Cape Town is after all the equivalent of 7PM in Jozi. Still I had a great time, spinning some slow disco and jumping off the stage every 5 minutes for a quick high five and hug from an old friend or two. by the end of my set it was a different story and there was a great little dancefloor grooving out with me. My set was followed up by Popskarr, a rather young band who for the past few months I've been dying to see. Thier live show was great. Other than a touch of live bass it was just vocals over Lapse's dreamy, thumpy, synthy awesomeness. Honestly I'd never seen anything quite like it before, and enjoying it amounts the Discotheque's receptive crowd was really great. After The Assembly party we ganged up with our dear dear friends Jean, Ashleigh, Jaco and Lindi. We drank more strawberry and lime margaritas than we should have because on Saturday morning we both felt pretty horrible. But one shower and some Mouse Gaurd later I was feeling much better. We drove through to the little wine-farming town of Franschhoek. As a town founded by french people, Franschhoek was in the middle of Bastille Vees, a little festival celebrating the storming of the Bastille in The French Revolution. We didn't really experience the festival any further than driving through it and seeing loads of people in berets. What we did do, is watch a fantastic sunset. And then things got silly. Beyond the great setting and new friends and supergood food, the night was made most awesome because it featured my alien brother Ryk. The next morning we headed through to a little wine farm on the way to Stellenbosch. More great food and family time. In the evening we hit a new spot in Cape town called Van Hunks. Cool little restaurant. Even cooler Jeaneman, Dom, Ash, Sophia, Marc and Lorainne to hang out with.

On Monday, before we had to fly back home Anja and I went to watch Toy Story 3 which we totally loved. Aterwards we rode in one of those 90ies hydrolic simulator things. Remember those? We did a space rollercoaster one. Pretty damn sweet. Then we did some shopping and bought iced coffees and drooled over all the cool Toy Story merch in Toys R Us.

And then we clumb into a steel tube with wings and flew back to our hood. Woooooo!

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