Thursday, March 25, 2010

Link Highlight: Griet

For this episode of Link Highlight I really can't fan out like I usually do.

The reason I can't rave over Griet like I would with any site this blog links to, is because they actually represent me, or rather my DJ alter ego, Sassquatch

Along with having the Sass on their books, Griet also manage a rather badass gang of some of my favourite electronic/ dance acts in the country.
Mr Sakitumi

Besides representing this formidable mob of dancefloor-freakout-instigators, Griet have been organising a huge percentage of the most exciting parties in the year and a bit since they started up. Organising one off events and national tours for their acts, Griet have put together some of my most memorable nights of the past few years.

Dogbox revived the too long dead Pretoria underground dance dance scene. Recently the series broke out of the capital, throwing parties in Joburg and Stellenbosch. Dynamo is a series of robot themed parties with a heavy emphasis on collaboration between creatives on lo-fi sci-fi decor and visuals. 2 weekends back Griet organised one of the 3 stages at the Cape Town Ramfest. Taking control of the dance stage, Griet provided the already awesome festival with a whole new dimension of fun. So (without fanning out too much over my own management and close friends) I think it's pretty safe to say Griet is one of the most exciting forces behind awesome music and unique parties in the country right now.

The end.

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