Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good weekend! 1

Welcome to the latest Animal Calls series, "Good Weekend", chronicling the end of the week adventures of Ben.

This past one was rather eventful.

Friday was one of those nights where I wished I could clone myself to do everything I wanted. Aragorn (co-creator of The Secret) was throwing a psychedelia party called "Don't eat the brown Acid!", Wretlerish were throwing the Joburg launch party for their debut album "The Rude Mechanical", The Sticky Antlers were thrashing out at the Bo and my friend James was celebrating his birthday. The universe was obviously feeling very generous, because it turned out i was able to attend 3 of these 4 events without needing to resort to the miracle of cloning.

We hung out with James, ate rad food, spoke about zombies and white lions. Got to B2B with about 15 minutes to spare before Wrestlerish started. Loved their show, got a copy of the album, and still got to The Bo before Sticky had started. The Antlers threw down what was the most abrasive and (in places painfully) noisey set I've ever seen them play. It was great.

Saturday day was chilled, and the night was Kwassa Kwassa! There was a mostly enthusiastic, cool crowd, that was unfortunately tainted by a rather large percentage of aggressive jocks. In spite of this everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Personally, I had an awesome time playing head to head with Ben VGA. Our set only partially ruined when said jocks started a massive fight, smashed stuff and temporarily cleared the dancefloor. All in all though it was a good party and hopefully there will be more Kwassa (with less dicks) in the future.

Sunday was way awesome; the morning was spenting geeking out over music and gear with Ben. The afternoon was comprised of craploads of tea drinking, chocolate creasant eating and pleasentness at Cam, Rox and Jar's place. The evening was all brie and cranberry pizza plus on of the coolest Westerns I've ever seen. High Planes Drifter is seriously a total gem, David Lynch meets Sergio Leone. Just awesome. High 5 to another good weekend!


Anja said...

not even a mention of your girlfriend moving to JOburg hmmmm? employment agency.
and you forgot the amazing sushiness! xxx

Ben Rausch said...

You didn't move to joburg this past weekend silly!

And yes, that sushi was awesome!