Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You are invited! Rebel Alliance takes off!

Okay, this is a really exciting one:

I'm very happy to announce I'm starting up a new monthly night at my favorite independent cinema - The Bioscope! I'm planning something complete different to the dance parties I've thrown in the past. Instead I'm planning a night where 68 people can get together, take a seat and enjoy a selection of short films, animations, live music, VJing, visual hacks and hopefully projects that blur the lines between two or more of these. As with my thinking with Dynamo, I really hope to try create some kind of beautiful, big thing by combining the powers of the lovely creative community we've got going down between Johannesburg and Pretoria. How exactly things will play out, only time will tell, but i can say I am pretty damn excited about what we have planned for the debut Rebel Alliance!
Full live show!
Celebrating the premier screening of the music video for "Colours", animated by Cool Your Jets, produced by James Carrol.
A short film by Russel Grant, soundtracked by Joao Orechhia.
Joburg's most blindingly fun visual hackers, unveiling their latest creations.
To celebrate the launch of his debut EP, Jaysynth presents a whole new score to the 1904 French Sci Fi classic.

These are dark days. A great evil has fallen across the systems. The citizens of The Empire, enslaved by shadowy figures, are turned into an army of identical clones. Banging their heads against walls to the soundtrack of soul-less machines marching further and further into the darkness.

While the dark-side has corrupted or stamped out almost all those who stood to oppose it, there are still a handful of warriors of the light that survived. In a time like this, these final knights of light-side are left with only 1 option; they must band to together, jump into far cooler looking star-fighters, launch themselves out into space and collectively fire a proton torpedo of pure awesomeness right up the exhaust shaft the monolithic dark forces that stand against them. The time has come for the Rebel Alliance to rise, so sign up and start fighting the good fight!

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