Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SMACM! Next release!

I'm very happy to announce the next thing we're putting out on SMACM is the fantastic 5 track EP from Jaysynth! Jaysynth is the freshly un-vieled new solo project of Jason Sutherland. Jason currently plays guitar for Joburg cinema-rockers Eyes Like Mirrors and, under the monkier of On Travel, released several EPs and splits through US label Scotch Tapes.

As with our previous release, Vampire9000's "Colours", The Jaysynth EP will be put out in a free-to-download digital format as well as in a highly-limited physical release. We're launching it this Friday, the 14th at Rebel Alliance. To celebrate Jaysynth has composed a new score to the 1904 French Sci Fi Triumph "The Impossible Voyage".

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