Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monster Hospital is two days away!

It's almost upon us! Monster Hospital is going down this Saturday!
Some of you might like to win free tickets and have some extra money to spend on your costumes, so we thought we'd point you in the right direction to do that!

First, our fiendish friends at Between 10and5 are running a comp here!

And the devilish dudes at Revolution Daily are doing one too, right here!

Then, to be sure that you don't miss your favourite abysmal act here's the lineup for the night:

20:30 Plaat Japie
21:00 Make Overs
22:00 Eyes Like Mirrors
23:00 Vampire9000
23:40 Sassquatch
00:25 Nathan Scott Phillips
01:10 Marc Latilla
Lastly, it's currently looking like we have a 50% chance of rain on the night. If this happens the party will be moving indoors, to Private Practice. You will still be 19 stories up, with an awesome view of the CBD, the only difference is you'll also have storm clouds and lightning bolts too for extra spooky-power!

All right freaks – see you all on Saturday!

Monster love:
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