Friday, June 29, 2012

You are invited to one Super Sassy Weekend!

2012 has probably been my most un-DJ-ey year since I started playing records for people back in '05. Don't get me wrong, I've had the chance to play a couple of great nights this year, but while the quality has been there, the quantity has been pretty low as far as Sassquatch DJ sets go. With this weekend however, it feels right like I'm back in 2006, playing 3 shows in as many days; prepare yourselfves for The Super Sassy Weekend!

Tonight, at Linden's Amuse, I'll be teaming-up my main-man Nathan Scott Phillips to play the debut of a brand new dance party called Like!

On Saturday afternoon it's a SMAC-double attack! I'll be DJ alongside SMAC's first prince of wonky-pop Vampire9000! If that weren;t enough cause of excitement, the two of us are only a small part of a lineup that includes Yo Grapes, A Skyline on fire, Spookwolf, Dr Khumalo & Yesterday's Pupil! This dream team has been assembled by the lovely wolf-creature known as Doktrine, who will be celebrating the launch of the brand new PERMANENT incarnation of their incredible DIY store, Die Skim Grot!

Then, this Sunday it's another sunshine session, this time 12 stories up in the sky over Maboneng! I'll be joining a great collection of acts, including Cape Town's Beach Party and Jozi BFFs The Frown. Feiyue have been kind enough to invite us to play the rooftop The 12 Decades Hotel! This is gonna be fun-overload!!!


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