Friday, June 22, 2012

Make Overs: Too Much?

Make Overs have got to be two of the most productive people on the face of The Earth.
A little less than two months since the band released Centipede-sing-a-long (their 3rd album) the band announced they would soon be launching their 4th full-length, the aptly titled "Too Much?" Not wanting to make their fans feel like they're being exploited, the band were nice enough to make this 4th release freely available via a download, complete with a template to print and cut out your own art for the disc.




To answer the album title's question, I really don't think is too much at all - it's just great in my book! I do however wish we'd see some other local bands with even half the drive and energy that the Make Overs seem to be made out of.

Don't forget, you can catch the band doing their thing tomorrow night at Silverton Rock Shack, as a part of the Pretoria Bateleur "Cargo Cults" launch!

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