Thursday, April 12, 2012

You are invited: Rebel Alliance 6!


Friday the 27th is a public holiday! We're celebrating with the 6th Rebel Alliance nights & have something very special planned.

I'm proud to announce, we will be celebrating the release of not 1, but 2 fantastic new full-length albums from South African bands.

The first, Centipede Sing-a-long, is the 3rd album from explosive Pretoria noise-poppers, Make Overs!

The second, Lunchbox for a Dream, is an album from the now dead, greatly missed Centurion power-poppers, Greenisforturbo!

To celebrate these two releases, we've picked-out 2 lineup's of the kind of live performances, animations, short films and collaborations that the Rebel Alliance is built on!

Make Overs!
"Centipede Sing-a-long" album launch!
Live show with visuals by Sassquatch!
"Less & Less Appeal" music video pemiere!
"Meet the Monster" Animated short film by Lorcan White & Elbowgrease!

"Lunchbox for a dream" album launch!
My Skiprope Team! Live!
"Dinosaur" music video debut!
"Emma, Queen of the Dead" DIY Zombie short!

"Slave Race vs Rogue Squadron" alternative educational video!
"Centipede draw-a-long" - a live illustration jam happening in the Chalkboard from 8PM! Draw your own centipede segment, see it projected on the Bioscope big screen and stand a chance to win hampers from SMACM and KRNGY Records!

Cover: R40
Hugs: Free
Times: Awesome

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