Friday, September 21, 2012

Free music Friday: The Dollfins!

For all of you fans of Cape Town's most wild, unhinged marine mammals, this one will surely have been on heavy rotation already. But in case you've somehow missed out on it, here's my overdue share of one of my favourite recordings to come out of South Africa this year!
The self titled debut album from the Dollfins is pretty much perfect in my eyes. Not perfect because it polishes out any imperfections, but perfect because it embraces them. All too often, South African bands who are fantastic live, land up releasing lifeless and flat sounding recordings. Generally this is becasue said awesome band have spent a whole bunch of money on creating what they hope will be a slick, professional product, but it's ultimately it's totally over-produced, over-polished and sucked dry of any soul in the process. Thankfully there are some who avoid this hyper-polished-crap-trap; with some of the finest examples being Make Overs, Us Kids Know & now The Dollfins.

Recorded in the apartment of 2 of the 3 band members & produced by their friend Andy Islands (who plays synth with said members in the also excellent Beach Party), "The Dollfins" LP is, as I said, perfect (well perfect to me anyway. Maybe you'd have liked some more sax or a bit of accordion here and there). Other than being perfect, it also happens to be free which means you can...

All pics by Kent Andreasen - check out the whole set of neatness here!