Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wrestlemania! Artwork & release date revealed!

I'm very happy today to share with you the artwork for the next release on SMACM, the shape-shifting, genre-defying beauty the world will soon know as "Wrestlemania!".

Nicolaas van Reenen's charming 5 track EP marks a small milestone for this young label, it's the first time we've had someone from outside the immediate SMAC family doing artwork for one of our releases! In the past art was done by myself, dear friends (Maaike Bakker for V9K, Franci Lawlor for ELM) or the band artists themselves (Jaysynth, Martianmartian). For Wrestlemania! we're really happy to have had Nic employ the masterful skills of one Bruce Mackay. Being a giant fan of Bruce's unique, beautiful, fun work, this made me very happy indeed. After he sent us his cover for the EP it made me happier still:
That's all you're getting of the wonder of Wrestlemania for now, but fear not! The EP will be out next week Friday, the 9th of March, a few days before Nic leaves South Africa on various touring adventures around the world with Spoek Mathambo. I really can not wait for people to get their paws on this EP, it's been a real ray of sunshine in my life over the past few weeks. The thought of it brightening up a whole lot more lives with it, just makes me giddy with excitement!


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most exciting releases I can think of. This ou is a true genius, and I can't even imagine how good the EP sounds!

Animal calls, well done for spotting the trend before it hits!

Anonymous said...


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