Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to the SMACM label stable!

There's plenty to be excited about in 2012, including a Martin Scorsese kid's movie, Mass Effect 3 & the world not ending! Over at the SMACM stable it's not too different, especially with the way this year has been kicking off. We've got hopes and dreams of a split release with KRNGY, unveiling Lavaman, launching a killer web site designed by Nanna and seeing full length albums from Vampire9000 and Eye Like Mirrors. While I'm holding thumbs that all these dreams will come to pass, we're gonna have to wait a while to see them happen, but there are three things definitely going down soon and getting us incredibly excited for the imediate future of So Many Animal Calls Music. Over the next while we'll be putting out recordings from 3 very different acts, who all share a common trait of pure, un-brideled awesomeness; may I now present to you the latest additions to the SMACM stable!

Petite Noir is the solo project of Yannick "Iamwaves" Ilunga, an over-achiving busy body and a perfect fit for SMACM and our "just go out and do shit" attitude. Yannick's distinctive voice should be familiar to most of you as the lovely set of pipes behind Cape Town's Popskarr, easily one the best (if not the best) live dance act the country has to offer. He's also a part of globe-trotting style collective Capital of Cool. Releasing his debut solo EP "Masion Noir", independantly last year, we're super excited to be joining him in spreading the Noir gospel with our release of his second EP "Till we Ghosts"! While still in production, it's safe to say I can't wait for this one, just going on the first single "The Dance". If you're not feeling the same after hearing this then i think you may have misplaced your soul:

Following on with the "catch-up on putting out great unreleased music from 6 years ago" agenda we started with last year's release of Martianmartian, we can't wait to put out Greenisforturbo's "GIFT". They were one of the cornerstones of the incredible creative community that exploded out of pretoria between 2005 and 6, shone with a blinding bright light and then burnt out, with barely a trace left by the end of 08. Greenisforturbo join Mogwai and Los Campesinos as one of the only band that have moved me to tears when seeing them live. I'll write heaps of history and gushing praise for what they were when we do put GIFT out, for now let me say it'll be a little milestone for the label as our first full length release! It'll also be presented in a massive package that will, hopefully, stand up as ridiculously extensive document of just what this lost gem of a band were.

Whitney Nicolaas Hermingstead Ølofan Rëenen, or Nicolaas van Reenen as his mom calls him, is the latest in this string of wild stallions to join the SMACM stable. Best known for playing half the incredible guitar-lines with Bateleur and all of them for Spoek Mathambo, Nic has also been busy crafting strange little genre-defying ditties of instrumental brilliance. We'll be releasing his debut EP, Wrestlemania shortly (most probably while Nic is touring the states with Spoek and before his return to SA and the release of Bateleur's highly anticipated second EP). Need some proof on that sweeping "brilliance" statement - how's this?

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