Friday, December 2, 2011

You are invited to Invisible Cities Drive-In!

The Skeleton Crew's Invisible Cities gigs have been the freshest new events to pop up in Joburg this year. Celebrating our awesome city by bringing together two very different musical acts and presenting them to people in new, undiscovered parts of the city every time, the past events have been nothing short of inspired. But i cna quite safely say that the concept for this month's instalment out does anything else the Crew dreamt up in the past;

Loop technician, Skeleton Crew founder and all around good-guy, Joao Orecchia recently bought himself a small radio transmitter. From the rooftop of The lister building, he's been using this to broadcast Invisible Cities pirate radio across the CBD. Now, using it for something even more awesome, he's creating his own rock and roll drive-in for one night only!

This weekend I'll be down in Cape Town, totally gutted I can't be at this. I trust you'll enjoy it on my behalf.


Carlo Mombelli x Bittereinder

Sunday 4 December, 2011

14:00 to 19:00

1. Throw your friends and party hats into your car.

2. Make sure your radio works. You're going to need it!

3. Drive to Invisible Cities DRIVE IN.

4. Tune into ICR.Invisible Cities Pirate Radio on 102.2fm!

5. Local radio is not dead. Drive ins are not dead. As ethereal as Invisible Cities Drive In may be, it is soon to be the only drive in Johannesburg. The last one standing. We lost Top Star to the gold rush 2.0, and Velskoen is now also leaving us.

The city is invisible.

Entrance R50 per person plus R20 per car.

14:00 - 16:00: Live radio show by Boombox!

16:00 - 18:00: Live performances by Bittereinder and Carlo Mombelli feat. Marcus Wyatt, Sidney Mnisi and Justin Badenhorst.

18:00 - 19:00: More live broadcasts.

Plus a special surprise performance.

50-52 Pritchard St

btwn Rissik and Loveday

in the shadow of the iconic Barbican

-26° 12' 11.78", +28° 2' 29.36"

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