Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Weekend: Skim Grot en die Deurskeinende Stede

Gauteng is on a roll with hooking Anja and I up with really good weekends. We don't do much on Friday night, but Saturday starts off with us heading through to Pretoria for Chinese with Maaike & Werner. Om nom nom, then head through to this month's instalment of the Doktrine's amazing Skim Grot.
We drink Kapowerade, buy lovely Mikado stickers for Seafox's case and I have the great pleasure of DJing through sunset over an awesome view of my hometown and the cool kids that have come to this very special event.
After my set we need to race through to Joburg for Kick out the Jams. before tha party starts, I need to give The KRNGY DJs a crash course in DJing. I'm pleasantly surprised to discover Jaco is joining Andreas and Martinique, meaning we're now lucky enough to have 3 of the 4 Sticky Antlers opening our garage rock party up. The kids play a totally awesome set; the boys each grab a CDJ while Martinique uses her laptop to trigger old movie samples between tracks.
It's just perfect. A totally swell crowd show up to rock out with us and by the time we head home at 4ish the night has surely earned the name "High Five".
It's a little tough dragging ourselves out of bed on Sunday, but we do. Head through to the burgeoning Maboneng district of the CBD. Last weekend we were here for the awesome Fete De La Musique, today it's Invisible Cities that has dragged us into the heart of Jozi.
It's totally awesome what Skeleton Crew are doing with these events. Throwing Sunday afternoon gigs, combining musical-polar-opposites, presenting people with something new and different and celebrating just how lucky we all are to live in a city like Johannesburg.
Bless you Skeleton Crew.

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