Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good weekend: Freezefest and The Deathstars.

This past weekend was one of those that just make me too damn happy to be a resident of Johannesburg in 2011.
On Friday night Anja, Cam, Lindi and I drove through to Matt ELM's place to celebrate his birthday. We have a totally great night that involves chatting to Matt's various super-swell friends, drinking milk stout, huddling around a fire built in a wheelbarrow and listening to By The End of Tonight.
On Saturday afternoon I get a call to hear if I'd like to play at a 90ies parties that night at Kitcheners. A bunch of my favourite JHB DJs were playing so I was already planning to go through (plus I really liked the idea of playing some Veruca Salt, Mock Orange and Kenieke) so I said yes.
Said party turned out to be totally great. Started as one of those nights where I didn't expect too much (largely because it was the coldest weekend of our winter) but to my very pleasant surprise a whole bunch of kids braved the elements and screamed along to Weezer songs in unison.
Got to bed far too late for how early I needed to be up to head through to The Bioscope. You may remember me mentioning Us Kids Know playing their "final show"? Well this was it and the kids couldn't have asked for a more unique, special occasion to end a chapter on. The whole vibe of Fete de la Musique was just too awesome.
Sadly I didn't get to experience too much of the fun being had out in the street as I hurried to sort out the visuals for the kids.
And then next thing it was time for them to start. Cue a packed out Chalkboard Cafe, a really lovely crowd in it, very improvised visuals from me and one totally fantastic fantastic fantastic show from the band.
And then cue me driving out of the CBD, a setting sun and the feeling of wanting to explode I'm so happy being right here, right now.

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