Monday, February 8, 2010

We made robots pt.4

With the forthcoming tour of ultimate awesomeness, I've again become so busy I've not been able to find time to keep making Animal Calls as frequently as I'd like. Things probably won't be much better until early March, once The Ghosts have been busted and sent on their way back to Birmingham. Till then, all I can promise is I'll at least once a week provide a little report on what's been going down.

This weekend was kinda crap. Well compared to the awesomeness that seems to be going down almost every weekend it was really crap, although it ended off with a fair amount of awesome, so it wasn't to bad.

Basically pap+steak+beer+non-stop dancing to the sounds of Baggy Dog = a Ben with really really Chronic stomach ache. For like 36 hours. It was horrible. Friday and Saturday were mostly write-offs, and my body couldn't have picked a worse time to have me confined to my bed. I still got small pockets of work done, which included a couple clips of Jo Fo visuals and far more excitingly watching my dad modify a really old guitar case so that my keytar fits into it. This is an incredibly exciting new development in Sassville as for over 2 years I've been touring with my synthaxe in the brown cardboard box it came in.

Yesterday was luckily the silver lining in my cloudy weekend. Over the course of the afternoon Richard, Jared, Rox & Sis, Claudette, Maria, Joe, Pat and Rachel swung by to build electric ghosts. Robot building seniors Cam and Col were of course also around. But with Matt and Rod (the other two members of their former band of supreme greatness GIFT) in town, Cam and Col spent most of the day in Matt Suttner's recording studio. Fun time. I'll leave you with a little video we shot yesterday, explaining just how easy it'll be for anyone to get into Dynamo Jo Fo at a reduced fee!

Dynamo Roboghosthead How To from Ben Rausch on Vimeo.

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