Friday, February 19, 2010

Dynamo Jo Fo: Sponsored prizes.

Dynamo Jo Fo is going down tomorrow night! We've been collecting photos of the fantastic prizes our sponsors will be hooking the Dynamo family up with. I have to say, this is by miles the most absurdly massive, awesome collection of free stuff we've had to give out at one of our parties EVER!!! DIY fashion phenomenons Delight have hand made 50 of these zuber-rad ghosty plushy keyrings: Accessory royalty Hello Fox have graciously assembled 10 rings and ten sets of earrings for the girls. Asian pop specialist Ke Ai have given us 10 five inch Popbe bears. Pretorian awesomeness factory KRNGY are sponsoring a great collection of their handmade badges... ... plus the last remaining monster plush in their Slime-o-saurs series. And finally high-art plastic terrorist Mikado are sponsoring crap loads of their wonderful perspex accessories. This massive collection of prizes will be given out over the course of the night to the partY's best dressed boys and girls, so be sure to rock that cardboard! And if this collection of sponsored prizes weren't enough - check out what Jo Fo's label Best Before Records have sent us to give you too: How freaking cool?!

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