Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sovereign Academy + Cape Town = FUCK YEAH!

"The Final Fieldtrip", the last ever Sovereign Academy party in Cape Town was hands down one of the coolest parties our gang as ever thrown. We were so happy with the massive turnout of kids and were even more stoked with just how much effort they put into dressing up Animal Power.

I just wanna say thanks so much to Blaise for making the night happen, to Righard for the great posters, to Toby at Fittees for awesome t-shirts, to Johan for the car, to Anja for been the best girl ever and to the whole Sovereign family for the past two and a half years of "fuck yeahs". I can't believe it's almost over...

The super-rad kids over at "We Are Awesome" did an great job of documenting the night... ... see We Are Awesome's entire Final Fieldtrip gallery here.

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