Saturday, May 24, 2008

Current obsessions ...

This isn't any news about going ons over here in South Africa, but I've decided to share the two most exciting videos I've come across in a while. I've been pretty much obsessed with both songs and I hope that you will like them to :)


This isn't a new song, or a new band, but it was all total news to me when a friend recommended them a couple weeks back.

Errors are on Mogwai's awesome "Rock Action" label. You can definitely pick up that the band have obviously been influenced by the Glasgow instrumentalists, but what I love about Errors is that, to me anyway, they seem like Ratatat and Kraftwerk got mangled in a head on collision. Too rad.


Johnny Foreigner are a band I've had the pleasure of following from 3 kids churning out fantastic fuzzed out demos to an act that look set to release an album of perfect, polished pop-core that's sure to be very well received.

I remember walking into Canned Applause one afternoon early last year and Ri telling me he'd found my new favourite band. Needless to say the band's frantic interplay of guy/girl sing/scream/talk dynamics alone sold. Add the fact they were musically bouncing around between all my favorite rackets and it was love at first sound. Ri wasn't exagerating, he had indeed discovered my new favourite band.

"Eye's Wide Terrified" is the first single from their forthcoming full length "Waited Up Till It was Light" which the band flew from Birmingham to New York to record. If Eyes Wide is anything to go by the move to record in New York has seen them polish up on the production side a lot, something I was worried would happen, but I now think might serve them very well and I think there's a very good chance this will be my favourite album of 08! UPDATE - 4 May 2009: It WAS my favourite album of 08!!!

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