Friday, June 7, 2013


SMACM (the record label spin-off of this blog) has been rather quite since "Welcome to Limbo", the 2nd Jaysynth EP and our 7th release! But that's been changing over the past week and a bit!

We've set up a SMACM facebook page to draw together fans of the label and broadcast some exciting news. (Support for this has, by the way, been far beyond what I would have expected! Thank you so much to everyone who has liked the page and bonus thanks to all the lovely people that helped spread the word to their own friends!) We've also been consilidating all the label's releases on the SMACM bandcamp (so you can grab all the SMACM over there right now!)

But the really big news is that we've unveiled our next release! It's fulls me with MASSIVE amounts of joy to be able to say SMACM008 will be a little slice of genius called "Honesty", the 2nd EP by Vampire9000! If on Colours (Vamp's debut EP and SMACM's 2nd release) we heard Christian Henn reaching for the stars, with Honesty he's aiming for other dimensions! I really can't describe how fantastic this collection of four songs is and couldn't be more excited for the 18th of this month when we get to share it with the world!
Like Vampire9000 here and like SMACM here to keep up to date with the latest news in Vampville and SMAC-town!

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