Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Frown: Metallic Kiss

Last weekend we threw a wee launch party to premier the latest music video by The Frown. And here it is!

It's been released as a product of our animation company Cool Your Jets. That said, I sadly can not take an ounce of credit for this one, since the entire thing was animated by the overly brilliant Matt McFarlane. BUT the great news is all 3 Jets will soon be combining our creative-powers on a full trilogy of narrative music videos for the band! This forth-coming intergalactic adventure is also been produced by James Carrol, who worked with us on our video for Vampire9000 and will be shot by Justin McGee, the same wild stallion that shot the above awesomeness!

And in other Frown news; my creative-genius girlfriend Nanna has drawn a poster for the band, and it is like totally the one of the most awesome things my eyeballs have ever seen:

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