Friday, April 29, 2011

Euro tour 2

Manchester last night was great!
Support acts Ghost Outfit and With That Knife both thrilled us with their fresh guitarey goodness.
The show drew a really nice collection of kids and had a totally awesome time playing for them. Played a whole bunch of the new songs the band have been recording for their upcoming third album.Playing visuals to them while hearing these songs for the first time most definately weren't my finest VJ moment, but the kids of Manchester really didn't seem to mind.
Take down the screen. New shirt. Pack up. Head out.
After the gig we drove to Liverpool. The band needed to get a hundred shirts from a guy called Matt. Along with a friend he runs a merch company. He also happens to play in this band i'm quite madly in love with.
As we walked into Matt's home there was a sudden high pitched screetch. And then another. The place is full of smoke. I ask him what's burning. He runs into the kitchen, grabs a chair, turns off the smoke alarm and then his oven. "There weren't even anythin in the oven like!" Matt gives the band their shirts and introduces me to a pair of charming hamsters called Rodger Murtagh and Sgt. Derrick Riggs.We get in the van and head home to Birmingham.

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