Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sassquatch - The Origin of the Sass
So here, the day before my "From Sass Africa with Love" exhibition, is the last part of the audio side of the project.

This mix revolves around the music that inspired me to start DJing in the first place. These bands from early this decade from New York (!!!, The Rapture) as well as ones from Washington DC (Q and not U, Black Eyes) as well as older acts I discovered (The Slits, ESG) first got it into my head that it might be awesome to mix songs together for people to dance to. There are a few exceptions (Sticky Antlers, History Invades) that came along once I'd started DJing, but for the most part this mix is a compilation of much of what inspired me to become the Sassquatch.

Well I hope some people enjoy this mix, given the chaotic style of most of the songs, and the fact that none of them are really dance music, the mixing is pretty shambolic. Still, I'm happy with how this mix turned out, and I'm happy to have it as a document of the catalysts that got me DJing.


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