Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's wierd how things work out:

In my last post from 24 May 2008 I wrote about two videos (Johnny Foreigner's "Eyes Wide Terrified" and Errors' "Salut! France") that I was watching on repeat.

A few days later I was suddenly informed I'd be flying to in the start of July. When I phoned my girl to let her know the cool news she was all like "now you can see Johnny Foreigner!" which obviously would have been awesome, but seemed unlikely as I was only going to be there for ten days and the odds of a globe trotting band like Jo Fo happening to be in London while I was there seemed pretty damn unlikely.

But sometimes (like when Q and not U for no apparent reason at all came to SA in 2004 weeks before breaking up) the universe seems to love hooking me up with my favorite rock and roll.

Jo Fo did play London, I got to see them and it was awesome awesome awesome. This would also have been a pretty neat coincidence (given that I'd been on the other side of the world, blogging about these kids without even an incing that I'd be at one of their shows a fortnight later) but the night landed up been even stranger.

Before Johnny Foreigner played, i was hanging out with their drummer, Junior. We were watching the opening act, a Scottish band I'd never heard of called Dananananaykroyd. The perfect compliment to Jo Fo's abrasive pop awesomeness, Dananananaykroyd's 2 drummers, 2 guitarists, bassist and vocalist smashed, strummed and screamed their way through 30 something of the best minutes of my life so far.

Between smiling too much to talk, I managed to ask Junior if he'd heard of this "really cool Scottish band called Errors". Junior looked at more for half a second and was like "Yeah. That's the drummer." pointing to one half of Dananananaykroyd's drumming duo.

So basically (without even knowing I'd be out of the country at the time) I wrote about been in love with two bands in far away countries and somehow, 2 weeks later, I was dancing to the sounds of their members ripping awesomeness out of instruments right before my eyes.

Sometimes life is just too damn cool to be real.

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