Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This past weekend my favorite Cape Town based band came up to Gauteng to launch their first album.

It's a pretty absurdly cool disc called Phosphenes, which the band (having 3 producers in amongst it's 4 members) recorded and produced themselves. Genre wise the album incorporates folk, punk-funk, electro and space influences into something incredibly diverse and original, a trait that even further exaggerated by the fact that lead vocal duties are split between three of the members.

Here're two of my favorites:

Unit R - Daft
Unit R - Scared

Live the band really kill and both the Joburg and Pretoria Launch parties were too fun. With set-lists that seem more like they were assembled by a DJ than a band, building up and breaking down, along their way to working the crowd up into a frenzy, Unit R are probably the closes thing South Africa has to a live dance band.

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